Tiesse Expands Secure Remote Access Server Market by Surpassing 500,000 Connected End Points

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Diva Media Boards provide flexibility and reliability for applications

Dialogic and Tiesse 

Parsippany, NJ (May 31, 2017) - Dialogic, a cloud-optimized applications and infrastructure solutions provider for service providers, enterprises, and developers, announced today that Tiesse, a leader in Machine to Machine (M2M) connectivity and management solutions in Italy and a customer since 1998, has reached a significant milestone in the deployment of the Tiesse XB1000 Remote Access Server with 500,000 end points now connected. From the outset, Tiesse selected Dialogic® Diva® Media Boards with a PRI interface as a key component of their XB 1000 product, which provides customers with a modular and scalable solution to interact with front-end remote monitoring applications in a wide range of market sectors including energy, gaming, and finance.

Within the XB1000, the Diva Media Boards are used to collect data originated by remote terminals, attached to ISDN, POTS, or wireless networks, and then conveyed to a central server via private data networks. Dialogic’s Diva Media Boards fulfill Tiesse’s requirements for an affordable, stable and state of the art technology that would enable the XB 1000 solution to evolve to meet changing market requirements. With the announcement of the end of support for Remote Access Servers by many key suppliers, Tiesse is poised to further expand its market share as XB1000 is deployed to replace other suppliers’ end-of-life solutions.

“We knew that we could trust Dialogic in providing the solution we needed. We selected the Diva Media Boards because they support all the modem negotiation protocols, provide us with the flexibility to write our own applications on top of them, and because the diagnostic tools of the Diva Media Boards integrated with Tiesse software makes the overall system very reliable and easy-to-use in ‘mission-critical’ applications,” said Luciano Lucrezia, CTO at Tiesse. “We estimate that more than 50% of payment transactions over the RTG network in Italy are handled by XB1000 with Dialogic Diva Media Boards after only a few years of the solution’s deployment by one of the biggest card authorization issuers in Italy.”

“Given the increasing demand for remote services, combined with the end-of-support announced major players of the Access Server arena, the XB 1000 and the Diva Media Boards should see a lot more interesting opportunities in the future, especially in the realm of IoT,” said Jim Machi, SVP of Product Management and Marketing at Dialogic.

To find out more about the capabilities of the Dialogic Diva Media Boards, please visit the product website: https://www.dialogic.com/en/products/media/diva.aspx

About Dialogic

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About Tiesse

Tiesse is a leading company focused on innovative network devices, broadband routers and IoT enabling appliances.

Since 1998, Tiesse designs and manufactures its products in its Italian locations.

In the years, Tiesse has been identified as a major provider of broadband and 3G/4G wireless devices by most of the TELCO carriers. Its products are always located at the technology edge thanks to continuous R&D investment and close collaboration both with Telco carriers and University research labs. 

Tiesse primarily addresses customer’s needs starting from medium to large organizations, providing access devices vs private or public networks and fulfilling strong requirements in term of performance, security and reliability.

To find out more about Tiesse , please visit www.tiesse.com


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