Enabling Multimedia Conference and Collaboration

Sharing information and communicating quickly with groups via voice, video and data has become a hallmark of our times. Dialogic® PowerMedia™ Software enables solutions and services that help people communicate quickly and easily using a variety of endpoints and networks by providing the necessary multimedia mixing and processing on standard servers and in cloud computing environments.

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Tolly Performance Report on Dialogic® PowerMedia™ Extended Media Server (PowerMedia XMS)

Audio & Web Conferencing - A Technology Trends Report with Ovum Research

High Time for Video Communication Services- A Market Trend Report

Standard SIP-Based Audio-Video Conferencing Solutions

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Programming Interfaces

PowerMedia™ Extended Media Server (XMS) 


PowerMedia™ Host Media Processing (HMP) 

  C APIs: Global Call, R4

Diastar Server

  Asterisk Dialplan

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If you are a service provider or developer looking to build a rich multimedia conference and collaboration solution, we encourage you to explore the information and products at the links below featuring the latest software platforms for: 

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VCS Report