Session Management and Security

Session Border Control Functionality

What are the essential border control functions today? IP session control and security are critical, but SIP interworking and bandwidth optimization are also important. These essential functions will be explained below using the Dialogic® BorderNet™ 3000 Session Border Controller as an example. The illustration on this page describes SBC placement in a service provider network. More detail about these functions is available on the BorderNet 3000 SBC datasheet.

IP Session Control

The BorderNet 3000 SBC ensures that adequate resources are always available for legitimate sessions under conditions of high load, attacks, and hardware and network failures. Delay-sensitive traffic, such as voice, receives prioritization dynamically on a call-by-call basis, and bandwidth is limited per call based on codec type. Granular media stream session control enables Service Level Agreement (SLA) requirements to be met for high customer satisfaction.

IP Session Security

The BorderNet 3000 SBC implements a comprehensive and systematic approach to security and service assurance. Every incoming IP packet is processed through a series of checks, classifications, and controls to allow only the processing of valid traffic flows according to SLAs, while malicious traffic is dynamically blocked.

SIP Interworking

As SIP networks proliferate and new SIP-oriented business opportunities arise, service providers must be able to rapidly interwork with new SIP application platforms, carrier interconnects, and SIP endpoints. The “Profiler” function of the BorderNet 3000 SBC enables SIP header and parameter manipulation for both incoming and outgoing SIP messages on any 3000 SBC configured with a SIP interface.

Bandwidth Optimization

High bandwidth costs for international and long-distance remote links or leased lines increase operational costs for VoIP service delivery. A payload aggregation feature based on RTP multiplexing minimizes bandwidth requirements between BorderNet 3000 SBCs, reducing recurring operational costs. Payload aggregation also creates higher transmission efficiency by stacking multiple voice call streams in each packet, allowing shared overhead that has almost no impact on end-to-end delay. Because payload aggregation is router-agnostic, any router can handle RTP multiplexed IP packets without special configuration or provisioning.

BorderNet 3000 SBCs in a Service Provider Network

BorderNet 3000 SBCs in a Service Provider Network

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The Dialogic® BorderNet™ 3000 Session Border Controller (SBC) is a compact, highly reliable security and session management platform for mobile and fixed VoIP networks. The flexible and standards-based BorderNet 3000 SBC supports both access and interconnect applications in a unique, fully redundant single Rack Unit (1RU) chassis.

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