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We believe that an engaging user experience is key to great software

As a technology leader for many years, Dialogic sees innovation as key in helping our customers meet their challenges and leverage new and exciting technologies that can change the way we communicate and interact.

Dialogic Application Labs was started in early 2016 to provide a fresh perspective into new areas of next generation communications. Our team consisting of design and development professionals collaborating around the globe create user experiences that people can’t put down!

Automation changes everything – and we can show you how

Automating the management of information, events, and communications changes everything. It enables effortless communications and interactions especially when delivered over a great user experience.

The Dialogic Application Labs has developed Synapse, a concept that we put together to show how a simplified user experience can bring together new areas of next generation communications in a cohesive way including:

  • Connected Home
  • Internet of Things
  • Augmented Reality
  • Connected Car
  • Automated Assistants
  • Artificial Intelligence


Dialogic Application Labs Synapse

Mobile app OTT services

Innovations from the Dialogic Application Labs find their way into Dialogic solutions. Dialogic’s WebRTC-based mobile application features advanced technology to give customers added mobility and convergence of services between their smartphone, desktop, and VoIP client devices. It can also work with the Dialogic PowerVille Cloud Centrex or with other WebRTC-enabled application services platforms.

Dialogic Application Labs InTouch

WebRTC enables service providers to provide a highly contextual user experience with high quality audio and video.

Let us help you expand the services you deliver to your customers.

Dialogic Application Practice: A key component to Dialogic’s Application Framework Architecture

Dialogic Application Practice is part of the Application Framework Architecture or AFA. It specializes in customized application development that can help service provider organizations…

  • Reach new markets and address new needs at software speeds
  • Migrate from legacy solutions to Cloud-enabled ones
  • Integrate Real-time Communications into the Internet of Everything


Dialogic understands your challenges – we have the solutions, enabling technology, and partnerships needed to leverage the power of your network and deliver over the top and complementary applications to your mobile, on-the-go subscribers.

Application Practice

Let’s Revolutionize the Next Generation of Communications – contact us now!

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