Dialogic Helix Signaling Controller


The Dialogic® Helix™ Signaling Controller (HSC) is a platform built for innovation. It is a next generation Diameter Signaling Controller (DSC) with an advanced service orchestration framework that provides Interworking Function (IWF), Diameter Edge Agent (DEA), and Diameter Routing Agent (DRA) functionality in a single unified solution. The HSC empowers 3G, 4G, fixed and Wi-Fi Communications Service Providers (CSPs) with support for:

  • Seamless service creation and multiprotocol interworking
  • Secure and scalable any-to-any service connectivity
  • Increased velocity in bringing networks and services to market


The Dialogic® Helix™ Signaling Controller combines DEA, IWF and DRA functionality to provide intuitive service enhancement and orchestration capabilities for mobile, Wi-Fi, IPX and fixed operators.


Take Interworking of Diameter, RADIUS and SS7 to the Next Level

The advanced service orchestration bus and template driven architecture enable rapid service creation and service enhancement while providing unmatched ease of use and flexibility compared to other interworking (IWF) approaches on the market today.  The HSC makes it possible to perform multi-protocol interworking on Diameter, RADIUS, SS7, and HTTP along with other IT protocols through an intuitive Web 2.0 based GUI to help eliminate the need for stand-alone gateways.

Secure 3G and 4G Mobile Core Assets

HSC supports both DRA and DEA functionality along with unrestricted access to the payload of any inbound message providing CSPs exceptional routing control. HSC supports GSMA IR.88 DEA specifications making it well suited for mobile and IPX networks with features like:
  •  Dynamic Routing
  • Overload Protection
  •  Diameter Mediation
  •  Load Balancing
  •  Topology Hiding
  •  Diameter, RADIUS and MAP Interworking
  •  PCRF and HSS Binding
  •  Subscriber Lookup Function
  •  GUI-based Flow Management





Centralize Management and Routing of Diameter Messages

HSC can help you address the explosion of Diameter traffic and reduce the complexity of managing connectivity between diverse network nodes with an RFC 6733 compliant platform. The template driven architecture enables CSPs to easily add additional Diameter interfaces and proprietary extensions without the need for vendor intervention giving you more control over how they manage your networks.  Integrated IWF functionality provides additional flexibility to extend interoperability of services across legacy and Wi-Fi networks.



The Dialogic® Helix™ Signaling Controller can support any Diameter interface and provides a rich set of ready-made templates for the most common Diameter applications. HSC allows for easy addition new interfaces, protocol variants, and proprietary extensions.


BorderNet Diameter Services Helix Applications

Check out these use cases on how the HSC can take you accelerate service rollout and infrastructure deployment at 4G speeds.

Energize Roaming Strategies

MNO, Wi-Fi and IPX operators can now rapidly deploy secure and seamless roaming services across transport and protocol differentiated networks such as MAP/SS7, RADIUS and Diameter. Find out more.


Take Advantage of Wi-Fi Offload Opportunities

HSC tackles your toughest interoperability challenges head on with its unique design approach to routing, security and interworking of RADIUS, Diameter, and MAP/SS7 messages. HSC also provides EAP authentication server support for a seamless roaming experience across Wi-Fi and mobile networks.

MVNOs Take Control

Discover how HSC puts the control networks, services and customers back into the hands of mobile virtual network operators, aggregators and enablers to help accelerate time-to-market and differentiate their offerings from those of their underlying mobile network operators (MNOs).

Tackling Vendor Interoperability Challenges with Less Downtime

 Find out how HSC helps CSPs accelerate time-to-revenue with the ability to easily fix incompatibility issues between vendor platforms without the need for costly and time consuming development work.




Key Features



Integrated and seamless IWF, DEA, and DRA functionality for multi-protocol, multi-domain signaling interworking and orchestration

  • Enable 4G, 3G, VoLTE, and Wi-Fi roaming and interworking
  • Secure, cost effective interconnection to roaming partners and IPX operators
  • Establish centralized management, security and load balancing of signaling messages
  • Enable highly granular and intelligent routing of Diameter and non-Diameter applications based on protocol, message parameter, or message context

Unmatched Web 2.0 GUI-based signaling interworking and service design

  • No proprietary or complex scripting required
  • Enable rapid development of new services and accelerate time to market through easy manipulation/modification and application of advanced logic to signaling message flows



Interworks multiple signaling and IT-related protocols, and supports any Diameter interface (including proprietary extensions and variants)
  • Avoid infrastructure vendor lock-in
  • Removes the need for expensive and time consuming development projects to support new protocol variants or complex interworking use cases


Advanced dashboard and extensive reporting capabilities
  • Enables detailed auditing and recording of protocol events, configuration, logging and tracing
 Integrated signaling message routing
  • Consolidate SS7/SIGTRAN gateways and  Diameter routing on same platform


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