Dialogic ® BUZZ


Unified Communications Platform
for Service Providers

Award-Winning Features Tailored for SMBs

  • IM-centric architecture
  • Group chat & direct messaging
  • HD voice, video calling, and conferencing
  • Collaboration tools such as screen sharing and file sharing
  • Web, desktop & mobile clients featuring zero-touch setup
  • AI, IoT and machine learning integration
  • Analytics and reporting module
  • Brandable

Ease of Use Across Multiple Platforms

UI and UX are key elements in UCaaS adoption, and the Dialogic BUZZ UC Platform offers intuitive clients where simplicity and ease-of-use are core features. Users can seamless turn a chat into a call, a video conference, or a collaboration space with just a few clicks. And they can do it all from their desktop, mobile device, or web interface.

A Powerful Combination of UC and Telephony

Seamlessly integrating the best in WebRTC and SIP, Dialogic BUZZ offers cross-device, cross-platform, and cross-network compatibility that translate into a unique converged architecture. This makes it easy to upgrade your PBX customers to a full unified communications and collaboration platform while maintaining compatibility with their existing physical phones.

Endless Possibilities

Dialogic BUZZ enables a rich partner ecosystem that can extend its capabilities far beyond the Unified Communications realm. Dialogic’s strategy is to offer our customers an API-driven extensible architecture that enables the rapid integration of third-party solutions, such as OSS and BSS, as well as AI and IoT technologies to incorporate advanced functionality, such as chatbots, call transcription, intent analysis, workflow automation, fraud detection, and communication with IoT devices.

One of our featured partners includes Orca Wave for OSS and BSS advanced capabilities.

Insightful Analytics Using Converged Dashboards

Reduce customer troubleshooting time with insightful and converged dashboards and reports

  • Dashboards with visual thresholds
    Proactive approach
    Real-time vs. historic

  • Quick filtering
    Contextual click-through
    Relevant data points

  • Converged data
    All components status in one place
    Insights based on data comparison from different components

Why should you offer UCaaS?

The UCaaS market value is growing year over year. With this growth come different opportunities for various types of communications service providers.

Which one applies to you? See what Dialogic BUZZ has to offer.

Cable and Wireless Service Providers

SMBs on average account for 80% of the UCaaS seats, and it’s important to you to have a targeted solution. With Dialogic BUZZ you can:

  • Utilize the extra tenancy layer to create or easily manage your channel partner network

  • Quickly provision and activate new customers, reducing your sale-to-revenue cycle

  • Leverage an enhanced UI and UX into quick adoption and ease of use

  • Reduce troubleshooting and support costs using converged dashboards

  • Seamlessly integrate with NGN, IMS, and VoLTE networks

  • Leverage DialogicONE orchestration and integration platform to build a tailored solution featuring IoT, AI, and VAS