Dialogic ControlSwitch System

Dialogic ControlSwitch System



Dialogic can show you how to gain your competitive edge and shed yourself of the limitations of your end-of-life SS7 TDM or softswitch technology. Transform your switching infrastructure to support VoLTE and IMS initiatives with the ControlSwitch System softswitch.

The ControlSwitch System is an open, carrier class platform that delivers the features service providers demand like

  • Fully virtualized Amazon Web Services (AWS) ready solution for public and private cloud deployments
  • Multi-protocol SS7/SIGTRAN to IP connectivity
  • Distributed architecture and true geographic redundancy
  • Centralized management and policy based routing
  • Interoperability with other vendors’ media gateway platforms
  • Extensive reporting and troubleshooting tools
  • Cost-effective scalability without the need for a forklift upgrade

Combine the intelligent call control features of the ControlSwitch System with the industry leading I-Gate® 4000 PRO and EDGE Media Gateways and you can start taking advantage of significant bandwidth savings, in some cases up to 93%, as you modernize your global IP network.

Transform Your Legacy Switching Infrastructure to IMS and VoLTE

Service providers around the globe have deployed the ControlSwitch System to replace their aging and end-of-life legacy softswitch or TDM switching infrastructure. The ControlSwitch System Class 4 softswitch scales from a few thousand ports to networks with over one million ports expanding as your demand grows and eliminating the concern of having to undergo costly forklift upgrades like some other vendor approaches. And since it is an open softswitch solution, the ControlSwitch System is field proven to work with an array of other vendors' media gateways such as from Cisco or AudioCodes to help operators leverage their existing legacy investment.

The ControlSwitch System includes Diameter protocol support for charging and postpaid applications as well as support for CAMEL protocol based services such as mobile number portability. The operationally friendly platform makes it easier to centrally manage multiple ControlSwitch System instances across the globe and reduces the time and effort to update even the most complex routing tables. Reduced footprint configurations for the ControlSwitch System gives service providers with more modest initial traffic requirements, a future-ready, cost-effective, carrier-class switching platform with advanced features to help differentiate their VoIP offerings.

Service providers have the flexibility to architect their network with true geographic diversity. That means high availability and disaster recovery as well as increased operational efficiency since you can manage your Class 4 infrastructure as a single entity.

Migrate to IMS/VoLTE With Confidence

Service providers needing best-in-class connectivity to both IP and TDM networks can deploy the ControlSwitch System to act as both the Media Gateway Control Function (MGCF) and Breakout Gateway Control Function (BGCF) in next generation IMS and VoLTE networks. I-Gate 4000 PRO and EDGE Media Gateways provide the bearer plane handling and BorderNet™ Session Border Controllers can be integrated operationally with the ControlSwitch System to provide IP-to-IP connectivity for Interconnection Border Control Function (IBCF) applications. The ControlSwitch System is part of Dialogic's comprehensive portfolio of IMS transformation solutions to help you take your network to the next level.

The ControlSwitch System IMS/VoLTE ready MGCF
The ControlSwitch System provides operators with the best array of MGCF and Class 4 softswitch connectivity options for their IMS | VoLTE networks.

Key Features

Leverages sophisticated in-house bandwidth and IP packet rate optimization technologies, while preserving the quality and reliability of the original VoIP traffic

Enables convergence of disparate networks and multi-protocol support

On-the-fly service programmability and extensibility

Permits customized solutions

Single point of management that includes Call Detail Records (CDR) and call tracing

Supports network-wide deployments

Fully decomposed "all-software" architecture Deployable in private and public clouds

Geographic redundancy

Provides high availability and disaster recovery

Integrated security solution

Allows secure VoIP interconnects

Gateway Mobile Switching Center (MSC) functionality

Enables optimal routing in environments that include wireless networks and MVNOs

Designed to avoid forklift upgrades

Provides investment protection

IP protocol, SS7 protocol and IMS | VoLTE interface support Any-to-any interconnection of mobile and service provider and  IPX operator networks


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