Dialogic D/480JCT-2T1 and D/600JCT-2E1 Combined Media Boards

D/240JCT, D/480JCT & D/600JCT Boards


The Dialogic® D/480JCT-2T1 Media Board is a 48-port Digital T1 PCI Express board and the Dialogic® D/600JCT-2E1 Media Board is a 60-port Digital E1 PCI Express board. Both of these boards are well-suited for developing advanced communications applications requiring digital network interfaces as well as multimedia resources. These high performance, scalable products support voice, fax, and softwarebased speech recognition processing in a single PCI Express slot.

Key Features

48 to 60 independent voice channels, and 24 to 48 T1 or 30 to 60 E1 network channels in a single PCI Express slot

Lower costs while creating larger high-density systems with fewer boards per chassis

Supports G.726 bit exact and GSM coders

Enables implementation of unified messaging applications that meet VPIM standards

Silence-compressed recording

Eliminates silence and preserves hard disk space

Unified call control access through Dialogic® Global Call Software interface

Provides worldwide application portability and shortens development time by using the same API for almost any network protocol

Available with PCI Express edge-connector

PCI Express form factor compatible with x1 slot ( x1 or higher compatible)

Supports DSP-based onboard fax and host-based speech recognition (fax and host-based speech recognition are mutually exclusive)

Maximizes the number of boards in the system


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48-port Digital T1, PCIe



60-port Digital E1, PCIe



3-drop CT Bus cable, Multidrop CT Bus cable



4-drop CT Bus cable, Multidrop CT Bus cable



8-drop CT Bus cable, Multidrop CT Bus cable



12-drop CT Bus cable, Multidrop CT Bus cable



16-drop CT Bus cable, Multidrop CT Bus cable