Dear All,


   We have a set up with Dual Resilient SIU mode (Mode B) with one host connecting to each SIUs.

   We are using this set up to test the performance of our application (GMLC applicaton). Randomly SIU starts rejecting some of the  messages (MAP_OPEN, SRI-Req and MAP_DELIMETER). It throws the error:

  MAP_MSG_ERROR_IND. Status: 19 (MAPSWE_USER_MSG_UNEXP)  and Dialogue State is 3(Unrecognized message received from the user).

  In Config.txt (both GMLC Node and HLR node), we have configured 

  TCAP_CONFIG 0x0000 32000 0x8000 32000 0x0000 0 0

  Can anyone please give me any hint as to why I am getting this error and why SIU rejecting all the messages?

  Is there any further diagnostic message and APIs I can use to troubleshoot this problem? Please reply.

  The following is the TCAP Resource Status taken when GMLC stopped sending messages:


        TCAP Resource Status

        ICD    OGD    INVK   CPT    DBUF

        0      192    0      0      0 



  In the above TCAP Resource Status what is OGD (OGD - Number of active outgoing dialogs)? what does that number refer to?

  Please advice me. Thanks in advance.