Implementing multi-homing ( ACTIVE / ACTIVE mode) for SIGTRAN (M3UA) between CISCO ITP 2700 - Version 12.4(15)SW9 and operator STP.

‘ITP act as server’ and remote end ‘STP act as Client’ with SCTP port 2905.

1st IP ( Local & Remote ) - > ASP / AS came active state .
2nd IP ( Local & Remote ) - > No replay to remote IP(STP) from Local IP (ITP) .

Facing issue on activate the IP2 when ASP & AS active with IP1.
- Heartbeat coming from STP IP2 to ITP IP2 and response is not trigger from ITP -IP2 .
- Is multi-homing ACTIVE/ACTIVE possible in CISCO ITP 2700 on M3UA (SIGTRAN)?.
- If possible , Kindly give the advice to overcome this issue and set up ACTIVE / ACTIVE both IP.