We have a DIVA board and we need to receive a LAPD digital data call.

I believe I should choose the appropriate DivaCallType when using DivaAnswer(). However, I cannot find a LAPD choice.

These are the digital data types I found:

   DivaCallTypeDigitalData (plain HDLC)

The requirements of our peer:

(First, our peer sends a User-User-Info in the SETUP signal to declare that he wants to create a data transfer in the B-channel. We reply with another UUS in an ALERT signal.)
Then, our peer will create a data-link with the LAPD protocol (balanced protocol of the HDLC family). It will initiate the procedure by emitting
a SABME frame. It will follow ETS 300 125 : User-network interface data link layer specification; Recommendations Q.920/I.440 and Q.921/I.441
He will be network side, while we should be user side.

The parameters for the connection are: SAPI = 15   TEI = 0   Window = 7   Modulo = 128

Do we have to set these parameters? Where should we set these parameters?

Our DIVA board as seen from dmesg (Linux):
Dialogic Diva PRI/E1-30 PCI v3 bus: 00000007 fn: 00000020 insertion.
Dialogic Diva V-PRI/E1-30 PCI v3 IRQ:16 SerNo:1907