Dialogic SS7 OA&M has been recently improved to support configuration of host based transaction oriented protocols (SCCP, TCAP etc.) via config.txt. These improvements also make it possible to configure DTC with a simple human readable configuration file.

In this post, I want to share a config.txt file and a system.txt file that have been successfully tested with an SS7G2x SIU to run the MAP Test Responder (MTR) demo program. The DTC host was running Windows, but the system.txt file could be very easily adapted for Linux or Solaris.

I've also included the ms7 files that allow the SIU host (or, better said, the DTC client in this case) to dynamically register or un-register to or from the DTS on the SIU (using DTS_CLIENT_REQ). You can use these script files with the s7_play utility.

The SIU was connected to another system containing an SS7HDP card and running the MAP Test Utility to generate SMS traffic. I also used config.txt commands to configure SCCP, TCAP and MAP on the MTR side. Feel free to send me a PM if you want me to get those config files.


DTS = Distributed Transaction Server, i.e. where dual SIU servers are used to provide load-balancing and fail-over.

DTC = client software that talks to DTS. DTC is used in the client software (i.e. in the app that uses the SIU to control the signalling side).