I got following Situation:

- SIU SS7G22 with 1 Host

- TCAP + INAP running on Host

- GTT enabled, 2 STP connected to the SIU

- Until Now all ACs was defined (INAP_MSG_CNF_AC Message was sent for every possible AC)

Now we should add a new Switch to the System (using the same STPs)

But this Switch is not sending an AC, there is no Dialogue Portion at all.

First all Messages from the Switch without the AC was rejected, because ACs was defined.

Then i didn't sent any INAP_MSG_CNF_AC at all (so AC in the INAP module is disabled).

Without AC Enabled in the INAP Module the communication with the Switch without AC is working.

But now as there isn't done an AC negotiation: Our relpy to the Switch with AC doesn't contain an AC, what causes the Switch to ignore the reply.

regarding the INAP manual (8.4 INAP Application Context Configuration Request) i guess we will have to disable the automatic AC negotiation,

because there is no way to pass through a message without a AC if automatic AC negotiation is enabled, or is there any ?

Ok so far so good, now we will have to make the AC negotiation in the application so we set BIT 1 in the options Parameter in the INAP Configuration Request - Message to 1.

We then also receive the AC in the OPEN_IND an can reply the AC in the OPEN_RSP by setting parm INAPPN_applic_context.

But the AC is not sent in the Message also not if we set it.

Im not sure but should we somehow set it again in the INAPST_SRV_INVOKE_REQ ? But regarding the manual there can't be set the INAPPN_applic_context prm ?

How to achieve this: If a AC is present the AC is in the reply but if no AC is present the Message also passes through the INAP Module and then has no AC in the reply ?

I added a trace where we had disabled the automatic AC and tried to do it manually: nokia_AC_NotConfigured.txt /.res

I also added traces with automatic AC enabled from in the Sub dirs with AC an without AC. the NOKIA_noAC_Trace is failing in this case.