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Dialogic SS7 and SIGTRAN Signalling

! ! ! GTT configuration file ! ! !

  • GT requirements.xls
    Hi All,

    Good Morning,

    Please can i have sample config and ms7 file for GTT configuration , and here am attaching the file which i have to make settings accoriding to this file requirements. please suggest r send me the sample file. . .

    waiting for ur quick response. . .! ! !

    :) :)
  • Hi,

    can any body provide me the syntaxes for GT conifugartion and one sample file containing GT configured ms7 file. . . .which is present in live server, so that i can get a clear idea about GT configuration. . . . .


    Please expand this parameter area and reply me, waiting 4 ur urgent revertal. . . .


  • The secrets are in the SCCP Programmer's manual. In general, a parameter field is made up of a series of individual parameters that have the format name, length, data bytes. So in your case:


    breaks down to:
    08 0b 1200001204000000000000
    09 06 516400001204
    1c 06 222222222222

    Which means:
      0b = length 11
        1200001204000000000000 (address data, coded as described for SCPPN_TARGET_ADDR)

      06 = length 6
        516400001204 (address data, coded as described for SCPPN_PRIMARY_ADDR)

      06 = length 6
        222222222222 (address mask, coded as for SCPPN_GTT_MASK)

    00 = end of parameters

    In terms of your XLS file: I'm not quite sure from this what you want to translate from and to, but it doesn't look like you need a GTT_MASK, you just need to decide which number is the global title and put this in the SCPPN_TARGET_ADDR, and decide which combination of address, pointcode, SSN etc this should be translated to, and put this in SCPPN_PRIMARY_ADDR.

  • By the way, there's also a useful message called SCP_MSG_GTT_TEST, 0x774c, (also documented in the SCCP Programmer's Manual) that you can use to test whether the GTT translation is having the expected effect. You can also send this message from a file with s7_play.
  • Thank you very much
  • Dear Martin,

    I tried to use SCP_MSG_GTT_TEST command. Can you give me a sample message, since I don't seem to be using correct format?

    SCCP manual, section 10.11 says use SCPPN_CALLED_ADDR . I tried to test this adress - which I know was processed successfully by our stack:

    Called party address

    09 00001101 Length indicator 13

    10 00010010 Address indicator see below

    11 00001000 Subsystem number 8 (MSC)

    12-22 Global title 0100 see below

    12 00000000 Translation type 0

    13 0001.... Numbering plan 1 (ISDN/telephony numbering plan)

    ....0001 Encoding scheme 1 (BCD odd)

    14 0....... spare 0

    .0000100 Nature of address indicator 4 (international number)

    15-22 Address signals 338966560185007

    so I used the following message with s7_play:


    however, I am getting response with status code s06 which presumably means translation wasn't successful:

    S7L:I0000 M t374c i0000 0x33->0xef s06 e00000000 p0d1208001104339866651058000700

    Can you see what am I doing wrong? Thank you for your help

    - Vadim

  • What is message 774c ?

    And how do you do your GTT translations settings ? ms7 file and t7745 messages ?


  • VadimG - 2008-09-22 19:57

    I tried to use SCP_MSG_GTT_TEST command. Can you give me a sample message, since I don't seem to be using correct format?




    Hi Vadim, you seem to be missing the '05' for the SCPPN_CALLED_ADDR. Try this:


  • Thank you very much for a detailed explanation. This really helps.  One question though is that , is there any tool with which I can form/decode these entries in the ms7 file. Also can this be replaced by config.txt, if so where can i find the necessary help to go about it ?




  • Check the SSHDP manual for config.txt based GTT