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Dialogic SS7 and SIGTRAN Signalling


  • hi,

    I am developing IN application using the sample INTU.

    From SSP, i am sending the dialog open, initialDP and then delimit.

    when I receive the dialog at SCP, i am sending the applycharging, RRBCSM and continue and delimit messages from INTU_process_invoke function. 

    I am receiving the applycharging  request at SSP, but after that at SCP i am getting TCPEV_CPT_REQ_DISCARD

    error, so i am not able to receive the next messages at SSP.

    here is the log at SCP (INTU).



    S7L:I0000 T 00000148 M t8742 i0000 f33 d14 s00 p020201000101000504430100fc0404430200fa064862464804000200006b1a2818060700118605010101a00d600ba1090607040001010100006c22a120020101020100301880040a0b0c0d82071904996687007083071904996680966800
    S7L:I0000 T 00000148 M t8784 i8000 f14 d35 s00 p020c01010601020704430100fc0804430200fa0d0ba10906070400010101000000
    S7L:I0000 T 00000148 M t8782 i8000 f14 d35 s00 p080201010122a120020101020100301880040a0b0c0d82071904996687007083071904996680966800
    INTU: DLG-IND OPEN, dialogue 0x8000
          Param : dest_address                        (0x0001) Len : 0x04
                  43 01 00 fc
          Param : orig_address                        (0x0003) Len : 0x04
                  43 02 00 fa
          Param : applic_context_index                (0x001b) Len : 0x01
    Dialogue is of type INDT_OPEN
    INTU: State change for dialogue 0x8000 from IDLE to OPEN
    INTU: Dialogues: Active [1], Completed [0], Successful [0], Failed [0]
    INTU: SRV-IND Invoke - dialogue 0x8000 in OPEN state
          Param : ServiceKey                          (0x0003) Len : 0x04
                  0a 0b 0c 0d
    INTU: State change for dialogue 0x8000 from OPEN to PENDING_DELIMIT
    INTU: DLG-IND DELIMIT, dialogue 0x8000
    INTU: DLG-REQ OPEN_RSP, dialogue 0x8000
          Param : Result                              (0x0005) Len : 0x01

    INTU: SRV-REQ Invoke - dialogue 0x8000 in PENDING_DELIMIT state
    S7L:I0000 T 0000017a M tc781 i8000 f35 d14 s00 p08030102040200040110a10e020101020123300680010f81010100

    INTU: SRV-REQ Invoke - dialogue 0x8000 in PENDING_DELIMIT state

    INTU: DLG-REQ DELIMIT, dialogue 0x8000
    S7L:I0000 T 000001ac M tc781 i8000 f35 d14 s00 p08030102040200040114a112020101020117300aa008300680010581010000
    S7L:I0000 TCAP Maintenance event : TCPEV_CPT_REQ_DISCARD
    S7L:I0000 T 000001ac M tc783 i8000 f35 d14 s00 p030601020804430100fc0704430200fa0d0ba10906070400010101000000
    S7L:I0000 T 000001ac M tc740 i0000 f14 d33 s00 p010101000201000301020504430200fa0404430100fc064865464804000000004904000200006b262824060700118605010101a0196117a109060704000101010000a203020100a305a1030201006c10a10e020101020123300680010f81010100
    S7L:I0000 T 000001d4 M t8782 i8000 f14 d35 s00 p0c05010102010100


    Can any one tell me where i went wrong.  i am sending three messages (apply charging, RRBCSM, continue) followed by delimit. should i have to send delimit after every message.

    any help in this regard is appreciated.

    thanks a lot.



  • You might want to check the invoke ids of the operations you're sending back. They need to be unique within the dialog in that direction.

  • where we have to change this configurations ... can u please help me