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Dialogic SS7 and SIGTRAN Signalling

MAP ATI Request & Response

  • I'm new to ATI on linux with MTU/MTR test programs.

    I want to receive the location info and cellid.

    [root@dhcppc7 septel]# ./mtu -d4 -g43010008 -a43020008 -i987654321
    MTU MAP Test Utility  Copyright (C) Dialogic Corporation 1997-2006. All Rights Reserved.

    MTU mod ID 0x2d; MAP module Id 0x15
    mode 4 - MTU Tx: sending Open Request
    MTU Tx: I0000 M tc7e2 i0000 f2d d15 s00 p010b09060704000001001d0301044302000803044301000800
    MTU Tx: sending Any Time Interrogation Request
    MTU Tx: I0000 M tc7e0 i0000 f2d d15 s00 p1d0e01010f07a14483153254f600
    MTU Tx: sending Delimiter Request
    MTU Tx: I0000 M tc7e2 i0000 f2d d15 s00 p0500
    MTU Rx: received Open Confirmation
    MTU Rx: I0000 M t87e3 i0000 f15 d2d s00 p8205010106010401044301000803044302000800
    MTU: *** dialogue refused with reason: %x 0004 ***

    The Wireshart a userAbort(11) what does that mean?v

    what is that I'm doing wrong ? can any help me with this?

    Thanks in Advance


  • Hi Surya,


    I am working on ATI application can you pls help me with below query

    Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE MicrosoftInternetExplorer4

    I am very much new to Telecom development,
    I want to build a test application "ANY TIME INTERROGATION" and we dont have any hardware for it, so i was wondering is it possible to build using Dialogic?

    I am working on a project and i want to give a small demo to one of our client for an ATI query.

    Here my application will first send an SRI-SM query to the HLR and in response i will get the VLR id.

    The application will then send PSI (Provide subscriber info) query with Location Information tag  to the VLR which i got in response from HLR.

    In response of PSI the VLR/MSC will respond back with LAC and Cellid.

    Can anyone Pls help me about how the configuration would be using SIGTRAN Stack.

    Pls help me about how to proceed.

    1. How to create subscriber Profile in HLR (Can i use dialogic to do this)

    2. What parameters and config should i send from my application to the HLR , so that the HLR wil respond back with VLR id

    3. After receiving the VLR id the application should send PSI query to that particular MSC where the subscriber is attached. so how to create profile in MSC (Can a MSC means just subs temp. profile be build using Dialogic stack)


    Pls help!!