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New Features

  • Added Configurable Password Policy --- PowerMedia XMS Release 3.2 Service Update 4 provides the ability to configure a customized Password Policy through the WebGUI configuration. Customers can now enable password policy considerations to define the rules that govern user password usage and validation guidelines. For example, this feature allows customization of minimum and maximum password lengths, password expiration timeout period, and enforcement of required password character categories, such as digits, lowercase, uppercase, or special characters.

Following issues where resolved:

  • 300886 [HMP] When Remote NAT Traversal is enabled and the caller is not behind the NAT, XMS sends RTP to the incorrect destination.
  • 302440 [MRB] When sending SIP MSML traffic to the MRB, approximately 1 in 5,000 calls get rejected with "404 Not Found" error.
  • XMS-5033/XMS-4983 {MRB] If an MRB failover occurs from the primary to the secondary MRB while IVR calls exist on any XMS, those IVR calls will be orphaned on the XMS. An XMS service restart is required to recover the channels.
  • 301285 [Nodecontroller] When using Export RRD to CSV or XML format, XMS generates an empty file.
  • 303529 [SNMP] When "service nodecontroller stop" is sent, the V3 traps are not generated.
  • 302255 [SNMP] SNMP queries against XMS MIBs are resulting in a general failure.
  • 301833 [Video] Video prompts played by XMS are distorted.
  • 303352 [VXML] During active MRCP sessions, VXML crashes followed by MRCP crash.
  • 304270 [WebGUI] The admin password is unable to be changed.
  • 303462 [WebGUI] The call session cannot be terminated through the CDR terminate function within WebGUI using Internet Explorer.
  • 300711 [WebGUI] The Monitor page shows active calls that are not shown in the CDR.
  • 302157 [XMS] Occasional 1-2 s short silences in the stream going out from XMS.
  • 301553 [XMS] The dtmfgen fails with a bad state error when RFC2833 is not selected. Resolved 301467 4 XMS When using HTTP cache with XMS, the XMS cache is not properly updating the internal etag value
  • stored in the cache.
  • 301343 [XMS] Server crashes after deleting conference while recording two files (audio & video and audio).
  • 300029 [XMS] When the termkey digit is received immediately after the record has started, the recorded files are removed (deleted).

Note: PowerMedia XMS Release 3.2 Service Update 4 introduces enhanced account management and security functionality of the WebGUI. Once XMS 3.2 SU4 or later SU is installed, the system will be converted to use the new password policy feature, and users must upgrade only to other release lines that include this feature. If the system is being upgraded to a release that does not have the new configurable password feature, then it is required to uninstall and reinstall the XMS software, as well as record any configuration changes they may have made to XMS prior to uninstalling, so that configuration can be re-applied to the new update. The new configurable password feature will be added to future release lines, so check the Release Notes to see if the feature is present before upgrading