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Release notes

Added the following new features and changes

  • MSML <gain> Attributes tgtlvl and maxgain - adds support for the MSML<gain> attributes tgtlvl and maxgain for Automated Gain Control (AGC) settings in conferences that were previously configurable on a global level. MSML applications can use these attributes to provide low level control over the AGC gain levels on a conference by conference basis. The MSML <gain> tgtlvl attribute is used to set the desired target level for AGC, while the MSML <gain> maxgain attribute is used to set that the AGC may apply to the conference.
  • PowerMedia XMS codec profile is now supported through the RESTful Management API - Users can take advantage of the RESTful Management API to programmatically set the codec profile used to specify ordering of codecs for outbound calls or null SDP answers. Applications can now set unique codec profile during runtime for the PowerMedia XMS to use on a call-by-call basis.
  • PowerMedia XMS Release 4.0 Service Update 3 includes a behavior change for primitive termination cause in MSML. See release notes for detail.

The following issues were addressed

  • XMS-11491 / Installation / Request for install script patch that does not check the version of NSS.
  • XMS-11490 / MRB / The RESTful API is unresponsive during load testing.
  • XMS-11436 / MRB / The MRB configuration for Preserve Request URI does not stay enabled after MRB cluster reboot.
  • XMS-11366 / MRB / MRB creates new application subscription ID after failover occurs twice.
  • XMS-11219 / MRB / Request for configurable option to suppress the Reason header on BYE message.
  • XMS-11210 / MRB / When XMS is restarted one after the other, MRB drops the event handler subscription to the application.
  • XMS-11154 / MRB / RESTful through MRB is getting blocked by CORS (Cross Origin Resource Sharing) policy.
  • XMS-10966 / MRB / MRB removes SIP header from incoming INVITE.
  • XMS-11263 / MSML / The <confid> and <dialogid> elements are not returned as child elements of <result>.
  • XMS-11645 / RESTful / The "code" and "description" attribute values in <error> responses will contain additional possible values not previously returned. Applications that depend on specific values of these attributes should be validated for correct operation with this version of XMS
  • XMS-11460 / RESTful / The xmsrest service crashes during load testing.
  • XMS-11503 / VXML / The vxmlinterpreter process is showing high CPU usage during load testing.
  • XMS-11345 / XMS / Request for lighttpd 1.4.53 support.
  • XMS-11209 / XMS / After the occurrence of "491 Pending Request", XMS returns full SDP set for answer SDP to the client’s refresh.
  • XMS-10865 / XMS / Some reason codes cause XMS to fail on call hangup, but no errors are returned.
  • XMS-10776 / XMS / After a failover, calls are stuck even though they are moved to the other XMS and session timers have expired.
  • XMS-10775 / XMS / After a failover, calls are stuck even though they are moved to another XMS and session timers have expired.