Release Notes

Updates Include

  • System Requirements: Updated the Operating System section.
  • Fax Page Quality Thresholds - PowerMedia XMS Release 3.5 Service Update 17 adds support for fax page quality thresholds to provide application with configurable setting to determine fax success criteria based on page quality.
  • Call Identifiers in RESTful API Error Responses - PowerMedia XMS Release 3.5 Service Update 17 adds additional call identifiers to RESTful API error responses. These identifiers provide app level information such as call response identifier, appid, and transaction_id as supported in successful RESTful API responses.
  • PowerMedia MRB Management Interface Update - In PowerMedia XMS Release 3.5 Service Update 17, the upgrade process has changed when upgrading PowerMedia MRB from an older version to mrb 3.5.17 or later. Please follow the upgrade procedure documented in the Dialogic® PowerMedia™ MRB Installation and Configuration Guide

The following issues have been addressed:

  • XMS-11645 [RESTful] The "code" and "description" attribute values in <error> responses will contain additional possible values not previously returned. Applications that depend on specific values of these attributes should be validated for correct operation with this version of XMS.
  • XMS-11601 [Third Party] The telegraf service fails with segmentation fault.
  • XMS-11023 [Third Party] The lighttpd version installed by XMS is filling up the hard disk.
  • XMS-11511 [XMS] The xmserver crashes with core dump and stops taking any calls.