Release notes

The following issues were addressed:

  • HMP-878 [Call Control] The gc_Start( ) function fails due to missing pdkrt.dll.
  • HMP-850 [Host Library] Service Update 393 contains some Global Call libraries which still have dependency of obsoleted Visual Studio 2005 Runtime package.
  • HMP-877 [Installation] The libtsfio.dll file is missing from installation package.
  • HMP-859 [IP Host] The libsipsigal.dll crashes multiple times per day.
  • HMP-834 [IP Host] When IP_PROXY_BYPASS is enabled, the SIP REGISTER message gets transmitted using wrong transport protocol.
  • HMP-776 [IP Media] T.38 Hairpinning fails due to no T.38 data passed between the two endpoint call legs.
  • HMP-760 [IP Media] The ipm_ModifyMedia( ) function fails when called with native coders.
  • HMP-759 [IP Media] The IPMEV_NOTIFY_ENDPOINTID events are reported empty as for IP address and port number.