Firefox WebRTC stopped working on Oct. 29th


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Firefox WebRTC stopped working on Oct. 29th

  • Today Firefox updated itself and my test pages for a WebRTC application stopped working.

    Using the REST API I make a call to an rtc destination.

    Up to last friday I would get a "ringing", then a "connected"  and, finally a "stream" events, in that order.

    Today, I am not receiving the "stream" event and I don't see video on the WebRTC enabled page. An error message on the Firefox console complains abaout a missing line on the SDP.

    I tried the same setup on a Chrome browser and it works fine.

    I will continue using Chrome for the time being but it seems the last Firefox update breaks something in Dialogic's webrtc.js library.



  • Can you provide us the SDP offer / answer, and the FF console error?

    Also the FF build number and XMS software version for  a quick check.

  • I just noticed that you have opened a support ticket 323228. Please ignore last requests. Thank you.

  • FireFox WebRTC acces to XMS works again as of version 64. Version 63 was broken.