HMP board support for both Voice and Signlaing (CAP,MAP)


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HMP board support for both Voice and Signlaing (CAP,MAP)

  • Hello,

    Does this DNI1210TEPE2HMP board support Both ISUP (Signaling & voice) and SCCP, TCAP, MAP, & CAP traffic. 

    If yes, kindly share the necessary documents, mainly i am looking for

    1. Installation document, (for Media and Signaling card)

    2. Configuration files for T1 (system.txt, config.txt, gcss7.cfg)

      Advance thanks !!!!

  • can anyone please help me  ...

  • The DNI1210TEPE2HMP board supports ISUP using DSI SS7 and the GlobalCall API if you are using Windows. Best information is in Section 1.17 of the Release Update: www.dialogic.com/.../release_update.pdf

    You can also use it for SCCP, TCAP and MAP but you'll need to use the DSI API (not GlobalCall). The application that handles GlobalCall signaling can also have these DSI API calls. But, you'll be responsible for interacting with two different subsystems:

    - GlobalCall (for ISUP)

    - DSI API directly (SCCP, TCAP, etc)

    Good starting point for HMP (including software download):


    DSI SS7 software is available here:


    Select 'DSI DevPak for Windows'.

    There are sample gcss7.cfg, config.txt and system.txt files here to use as a starting point:


    Then you would incorporate any DNI specific differences mentioned above (in the Release Update) into each file.