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PowerMedia XMS Media Server


  • Hi

    can anyone tell me the difference between XMS and IPMS also the limitations of IPMs over XMS..

    Thanks in advance



  • Hello Arun,

    IPMS is EOL and has been for some time. It has been replaced by XMS. So the fundamental difference is - don't use IPMS.

    IPMS (not necessarily everything):

    - was offered in a hardware version. Not sure if there was a software only version.

    - supported VXML, NETANN and MSCML.

    - supported SIP endpoints.

    XMS (only some highlights):

    - software only. Server is provided by the user. We support bare metal, VMware ESXi 5.x/6.x, KVM, Oracle VM, XenServer VM and AWS deployments.

    - supports VXML, NETANN, MSML, RESTful and JSR309.

    - supports SIP and WebRTC endpoints.

    - supports video up to 720p.

    - supports Media Resource Broker (MRB). This enables better scaling and HA.

    There are additional XMS features. I'll stop here.

  • Thank you John..

  • Hi all,

    I wanna learn the basics of IPMS and XMS but i didn't find any study documents in this forum. Can anyone share me study documents or websites for IPMS and XMS.



  • Hi Arun,

    Two approaches for XMS come to mind...

    The documentation is a good start for the details:


    That's best if you know what you are looking for and want to know how to do it.

    For a broader view, there are a series of videos on YouTube that do a good job of painting a larger picture (where does it fit in, what API do I use, etc). They are "A Journey to Media Server Enlightenment" on the Dialogic channel:


    Some of them may reference older versions of XMS software, but you can look at the video titles and the concepts will still be applicable.

    I have no pointers for IPMS. It's removed from the Dialogic website because it's been End of Life for years.