format of calling webrtc browser endpoint


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format of calling webrtc browser endpoint

  • Hi,

    I am trying to make an audio/video call from one browser client to another browser client using webrtc.js . 

    What is the format to make an outbound call to webrtc browser endpoint? I have tried by entering Name of person to call as "registerduser",  "rtc:registerduser"  and "rtc:registerduser@<XMS IP>".  But the call back function "onInCall" is never called in destination brower client. 

    Note: I can make outbound calls from a browser to a SIP endpoint by using a SIP URI.

    Can you please suggest any info on that. 

  • Hi - the XMS will support webrtc calls but through the media server (so browser1-to-xms-to-browser2). This can be accomplished using any of our API's. The webrtc demo you are using supports only conferencing, webrtc to sip and playing video files.

    For usage on these demos, see section 3 of the following guide: www.dialogic.com/.../XMS_WebRTCDemo.pdf

    Hope this helps


  • Thank you Vince.

    Actually we are trying to implement webrtc to webrtc audio & video calls(browser1-to-XMS-to-browser2). Could you please suggest which of your API's we have to use accomplish this?

    Do you mean NETANN or RESTful API's. If yes can you please share us some sample code to achieve that?


  • Hi - yes, REST, MSML or JSR would accomplish this.... I'd recommend you start with REST: www.dialogic.com/.../XMS_RESTfulAPIUser.pdf

    We have some sample code on our GitHub page: https://github.com/Dialogic

    The most developed sample code is the REST JAVA repository.

    You may also want to check out this video series which will help in your development: www.youtube.com/playlist

    Hope this helps.