Voice API for D - 300 JCT/E1 springware architecture board


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Dialogic PowerMedia HMP GlobalCall and R4 API

Voice API for D - 300 JCT/E1 springware architecture board

  • Hi All,

    i am very beginner to dialogic boards programming.

    i have D - 300 JCT/E1 Card springware.

    i want to have digital voice logger using that board.

    i have already made an analog ivr using d/4x card using voice api.

    i am a little bit confused using voice api on D - 300 JCT/E1 springware architecture board.

    As per my information, there are 2 types of board--

    1. springware architecture

    2. DM3 architecture

    on Dm3 architecture, we can use global call functions but what about on springware boards.

    can i use voice api function (dx_open, dx_play, dx_rec, dx_dial etc) on D - 300 JCT/E1 springware card also.

    or i will have to use digital network specific function to work on D - 300 JCT/E1 springware card.

    i hope u would have got my problem. i will clarify more if u required anything from my side.

    With Regards

    Swarup Kumar

  • Yes, the GlobalCall API is a common API for both springware and DM3 boards. However, the board functionality is not exactly the same in each case (DM3 is a newer architecture), so it's necessary to look at the library reference for the details on what each function can do, take a look at the document online here.
  • Also, check out the Communication Services Framework at http://sourceforge.net/projects/commsvcfw for DM3/Springware abstraction examples and a framework to use for creating new applicaitons
  • All voice functions, like dx_open/dx_play/record etc are supported on D/300JCT, and, with some limitations and extensions, on DM/V board series. You use GlobalCall for call control (to establish a call, retreive/set call-related info, releasing a call etc), while the voice library is used for all voice-related activities, just as you did when developing your IVR on D/4xxx boards.
  • Thanks Sir,

    i have got my answer.

    With Regards

  • Hello Swarup,

    Can you share a snippet of code in which you have used dialogic voice apis such as dx_playf(), dx_recf() on D/300 JCT E1 card?

    I don't know how to do that.


  • Refer to the Voice API library reference for more inforation on those functions: