Streaming problem with 3PCC mode.


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Dialogic PowerMedia HMP GlobalCall and R4 API

Streaming problem with 3PCC mode.

  • rtflog-3PCC-20190924-16h51m36.186s.zip


    I have a problem with 3PCC mode.
    I am with a SU393 version.

    I was working before in 1PCC mode and I switched to 3PCC mode because I wanted to manage SDP fields.
    I have an application that answers an incoming call, plays an audio message, and then saves a message to a file.
    With 1PCC mode, the operation is correct.
    With 3PCC mode, the incoming streaming direction (to a voice device) does not work (the recorded audio file only has silence).
    I checked with Wireshark the RTP streams and they are correct.
    I made a trace that I put in attachment.
    I think I have a problem with the IPM device configuration.
    I put in an attached file this trace.

    Can someone help me.

    A big thank you in advance


  • From a very brief look I suspect part of the issue could be that you are not specifying the LOCAL RTP address and port to be used in the ipm_StartMedia call in this case. Also, make sure that match the address of which you had selected in the "default IP address" tab of the HMP device property sheet in the DCM.

    Jeff M.

  • Hi Jeff,

    Thank you for your response.

    I checked the address and it is correct in the DCM.

    I have a driver that in 1PCC and it works and a driver in 3PCC that does not work, with the same settings in the DCM.


  • Hi,

    I found my problem.

    It was the Payload of the G711 coder that was not good.

    I positioned it well and it works now.

    Jeff, thank you for your help