Actual Release Info about PowerMedia HMP Linux development kit


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Dialogic PowerMedia HMP GlobalCall and R4 API

Actual Release Info about PowerMedia HMP Linux development kit

  • Where can I find actual release information about PowerMedia HMP Linux?

    What are the current system requirements?

    A few years ago we did a some SIP development on RedHat 6.6 - 32 bit with lnxHMP_4_1_165.tgz.

    I tried to download the last version, but the product registrations at my account seems to have some problems, so downloads are not possible for me. 

    How can I get the downloads working?

  • You can find the documentation to the PowerMedia HMP 4.1 release here www.dialogic.com/.../hmp41lin.  In particular you would want to look at the 'System Configuration Guide', 'Software Installation Guide' and 'Release Update' documents.  The Release Updates has the latest information.

    The HMP 4.1 Linux software can be downloaded from www.dialogic.com/.../hmp-linux.   (Please Note: Users are required to have a valid support agreement to obtain the PowerMedia HMP Software).

  • Thanks Daniel,

    In the release update I see:

    Document Rev 31 - published January 8, 2016

    Updates for Service Update 213.


    1.17 Updated Operating System Support

    With Service Update 236, Dialogic® PowerMedia™ HMP for Linux Release 4.1 supports

    the following Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) and Community ENTerprise Operating

    System (CentOS) versions in both 32-bit and 64-bit:

    • Red Hat 7.1 or greater

    • CentOS 7.1 or greater


    1.31 Red Hat Enterprise Linux Release 7 Update 1


    Service Update 213 announces support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux Release 7 Update 1.

    I do not see explicitly mentioned that Red Hat 8.1 is supported so far.

    Is it planned to support Red Hat 8.1 soon?

  • Hi Teo -- adding Red Hat 8 support is being looked at my the product teams for 2020.  Right now it is in the planning stages.

  • Okay, that's clear.

    Thanks for the quick response.