DNI2410 Configuration - fails to start card after change user/network value(Set param=0x17, 0/1)


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Dialogic PowerMedia HMP GlobalCall and R4 API

DNI2410 Configuration - fails to start card after change user/network value(Set param=0x17, 0/1)

  • Card: DNI2410TEPE2HMP - 8 E1 Ports

    License: 120 Voice hib_pur

    Operation System: Windows Server 2016

    HMP Release: HMP Release 3.0 Build 357


    Filter in/out phone calls using forwarding from CME(Router) To Server(with DNI Card). 

    Current status:

    Hmp Card detected.

    Hmp release 3.0 build 357 is installed and license is activated.

    Trunk configuration: Network only and net5 for each trunk

    gnet5 .pcd .config and .fcd file have been generated and work

    DCM success to start card.

    C++ code running on card.


    In order to create the connection between different ports I should change user/network properties for each trunk in .config file(gnet5).

    Whenever I changed user/network property from 0 to 1 (Setparam = 0x17, 0/1) and generate new .fcd file, Dcm can not start card again and stuck on starting status.

    I really appreciate your help,

    Thanks Jack

  • Hi Jack,

    Just to let you know that Windows 2016 support was not added until SU375, but there were additional issue which were addressed specific to that OS (including restart DCM) fixed after that. I suggest you upgrade to at least SU395 in this case.


    Jeff M.

  • Hey Jeff,

    Thank you for the quick response.

    I have tried to install before SU395 and found That part of my code (which perfectly work with su357) not working with su395. The function which fail to work with su395 was add/del tone.

    Should I try to lower operation system to Windows server 2012R in order to use su357 and the same c++ code?

    Or maybe you can tell me why code which work perfectly with su357 is not working with su395?

    Which solution you suggest?

    Thanks again,