Enabling CRC6 on ISDN on Springware boards


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Enabling CRC6 on ISDN on Springware boards

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We are having a problem with channels not coming into service when we reset our equipment (DTI/480SC and D/480SC-2T1) and the carrier (Qwest) needs to know if we have CRC6 turned on for each board.  We are running SR 5.1.1 with SP1 on ISDN T1s and DMS protocol.  Our dms.prm configuration file contains the following lines concerning CRC:

;--- CRC ENABLE SWITCH (Parameter type 0FH - E1 only)
;--- Turns the transmission of the CRC4 pattern on or off and searches
;--- for such a pattern in the received signal.
;--- Possible values for the data are as follows:
;---    00H = Turn CRC off.
;---    01H = Turn CRC on.
;--- The default data value is 00H (Turn CRC off).
000F 01

The comments say this value will turn CRC4 on for E1 only.  We think this also enables CRC6 for T1s.  Is there any way to confirm that CRC6 is on for a T1?


In this link:


the comments have been changed to reference CRC6 but I can't find any more information about CRC6 in any applicable documentation or what version of drivers this link pertains to.


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    Yes, although the documentation does not clearly state it, this value will enable CRC6 as well on T1. Please note that for this to take effect, you need to specify the prm file in the parameterfile value on the MiscTab of the board property sheet thru the DCM as well.

    The re-download the board.



  • Jeff,


    You have been a big help without even knowing it to me.  Im a novice at this, but can follow instructions very well.  I am a bit unclear as how to enable as the "spandti.prm" file  looks to not be.  If this question is dumb, forgive me but do you have specific instructions on how to enable?  I see in the prm file where the value for  on is 01H and off is 00H, but im still a bit unclear on everything it would take to enable this and was wondering if you could put this into laymans terms a bit more for me.  Thx again



  • What specific board, ISDN protocol, and system release are you using?

    It might be different pending the hardware used, springware vs DM3.