Welcome to the Dialogic GlobalCall/R4 Developers forum!


This forum is for programming questions on using Dialogic's GlobalCall and R4 APIs. Globalcall refers to call control related functions. R4 is intended to cover other APIs used for media, conferencing, streaming, fax, IP, etc.

This forum oriented for Dialogic’s DM3, Springware (JCT) and Host Media Processing (HMP) product lines.

So, we look forward to your questions and interacting with the developer community.

Online documentation for the GC/R4 APIs can be found in product specific pages of the Dialogic web site. So for example, the HMP landing page is here:


and depending on which platform you are looking at, you may navigate down to a different documentation page for Windows or Linux, for example:




Look for the heading "Programming Libraries", to find the developer documentation.