Help with a TR1034+P24H-T1-1N and HP DL360/380 Gen 7?


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Help with a TR1034+P24H-T1-1N and HP DL360/380 Gen 7?

  • I'm not sure where to ask this, and I did try doing a search but could find anything.  I can't be the only person that ran into this issue.

    We have an old TR1034+P24H-T1-1N (PCI) card that we want to move to a server that we can still get support (drivers and hardware) from HP.  The last series of servers from HP that still had support for PCI (Universal PCI) are the DL360/DL380 G7 servers, with an optional PCI-X riser.  The card's serial numer would indicate it was manufactured in 2006.  

    At present I have the card in a HP DL380 G5 with no issues.

    When I boot the DL360 G7, I get a POST error of "Fatal PCI Express Devide Error PCI Slot? B00/D03/F00 05"

    On a DL380 G7, the server will not boot, but via ilo I can see that it fails during the PCI bus initialiation, and then reboots.  (loops).

    I also tried the card in an older DL360 G6, but received the same POST error as the DL360 G7.

    Does anyone have a suggestion\solution that I could try?

    Again these servers are failing during POST, so the OS has nothing to do with the issue.  The Firmware of the servers are at the latest available patch level as of 3/2019. 



  • Hello Tommy,

    We've seen issues in the past using riser cards and highly recommend not using them for that reason.  In those cases, moving to using a PCIe low profile to avoid using a riser has worked and so that's something we would recommend here as well.


    Bob Wildes

  • Ok.  I guess that settles it.  There is something different between the riser card used in the G5 vs G6 and latter.  Sourcing a PCIe based card now.