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Dialogic Diva SDK programming questions

Include files basic

  • Are there any include files to use the SDK DLL's with VB6 or PowerBasic?  (it's a big job translating all 5000 lines... Smile )

  • Hi Peter,

    There is no VB or PB API available for the Diva SDK unfortunately.

    Best regards.

  • Hi Peter, I misspoke, even though there's a VB API there does not seem to be any include files other than the ones provided with the SDK.

  • Thanks,

    I translated the dssdk.h to powerbasic, and it works fine. Only I can't gat DivaGenerateSingleTone() to work. I use:

      Local lRet As Dword

      lRet = DivaConnect (hDiva, ByVal 0, hCall, "51", ByVal 0, ByVal 0)
      DivaSendDtmf hCall, "123456789*0#")
      lRet = DivaGenerateSingletone(hCall, 1600, 0, 0)
      DivaSendDtmf (hCall, "123456789*0#")

      DivaConnect and DivaSendDTMF both return DivaSucces, but DivaGenerateSingleTone returns error DivaEventCallDisconnected (5)  and no tone is generated. ???

  • Now found that this problem lies in the Divaconnect. As long as there is no connect, DivaGenerateSingleTone doesn't work.

    (DivaSendDtmf works fine strange enough)

    I need to disable voide detection. I tried this (as in the manual), but no succes. (DivaConnect then doesn't work either)

     Local DvMAP As DivaMonitorAnalogParams

     DvMAP.ConnectSilenceTimeOut = 1000

     DvMAP.Size = SizeOf(DvMAP)

     lRet =   DivaCreateMonitorAnalog (hDiva, 0, hMonitor, 1, 0, DvMAP)

  • I meant 'disable voice detection' ...

  • Sending DTMFs is useful for sending the calling party number before the connnect.

    Could you be clearer on how DivaConnect does not work?

  • DivaConnect waits for voice before it connects. I don't want that, because DivaGenerateSingleTone() doesn't work then.

    I want the number to be dialed out, and then status must be connected; no voice wait (CPA)

  • You'd have to look at an SDK debug trace to see what happens when you call those methods.