Install Diva Media board on Linux: Build error


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Dialogic Diva SDK programming questions

Install Diva Media board on Linux: Build error

  • I downloaded the the Kernel 3.10.103 source from https://www.kernel.org/ and moved is content to usr/src/linux

    by running

    uname -r

    I got 4.4.0-42-generic

    is there a solution?

  • after configuring the diva media board

    I got this

    Update CFGLib information ... succeeded

    Check Diva configuration ... succeeded, look for changes now

    Start Diva SIPcontrol ... FAILED

    Activate DSI SS7 for Diva  ... OK

     Successfully updated configuration of Diva drivers

     Successfully updated configuration of Dialogic Diva Analog-4 PCIe v1 PORT: 0 SN:40095

     Successfully updated configuration of Diva TTY driver

     Successfully updated configuration of Diva CAPI driver

    why DIVA SIPcontrol Failed?

    and for testing the card, I followed the instructions in the following link


    but I failed

    I got

    Enter destination address: +2012********


    [247]: Connect_Con-->

    [247]:Info__Ind--> Release




    ********** Call cleared ***********

    how can I test the card?

  • SIPcontrol can fail to start if another application is already using port 5060.

    To test the analog line you can use Line Test, but it looks like you should enter 00 instead of + at the start of the number.

  • asterisk uses the same port 5060

    will this affect the configuration?

    and how can I integrate Asterisk with the Card? is it through the capi.conf file?

  • about the line test how could I do this on Linux ?

  • You can reconfigure SIPcontrol to use another port if you need it, say 5070 for example. Refer to this page for the Asterisk/SIPcontrol configuration: www.dialogic.com/.../Diva_M_LIN

    You can run the Line Test tool from the web GUI, but you can also use the other utilities from the command line to make/receive calls.

  • Thank you so much

    If I want to use this card on windows, does it support Asteriskwin32 or not ? and what are other Asterisk alternatives this card can support on windows ?

  • There is no official support for Asteriskwin32 that I know of. For alternatives, google offers software like 3CX or Freeswitch, but there is nothing in the Dialogic knowledgebase regarding configuration or interoperability with those.

  • Thank you so much