Line status Off Hook.


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Line status Off Hook.

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    Hi all,

    I have a Analog-8 PCIe card that is direct connect to a PBX system to automatic retrieved some calls from the call recording system, but since last week one of those lines are with the status Off Hook all the time, there is a command to reset this channel?

    Where I can find more information about this issue?

    Thank you,


  • Check if the off-hook status remains after restarting the server (or the board from the device manager, quit the application before you do that).

    You can also swap lines to check if the status follows the cable or stays on the port.

  • Hi Mathieu Bouxin-Cademartory, first of all thanks for your answer restarting the server was our first plan but when we realize that it is just one line with issue we postpone this restart to try find a soft way to solve this situation.  By any change this restarting board via device manager process is described in any doc? I am not sure how to do that.



  • Restarting the board via the Windows Device Manager is quite simple: open the device manager, expand the Network Adapter branch, right-click on the Diva board and select 'Disable'. Once it is down, right-click and 'Enable'. All calls will be dropped.

    Before you do that though, you could also try unplugging that line and plugging it back in to see if the status changes. And swap it around just to make sure: if the problem follows the line then the issue is with the PBX, if the problem remains on the board then do the restart.

  • perfect mate well done the enable and disable via device manager works perfect, now the line it is not in Off Hook any more, thank you very much.