"Men have become the tools of their tools."

-Henry David Thoreau

Today we are talking tools.  I will review the tools I commonly use in developing and supporting Media Server deployments.

Here is the short list of the tools I typically install these on all new test and development systems.

Links to all tools mentioned in this video can be found below:

Youtube Link - http://youtu.be/rfe55fbCxB4

I invite you to comment below to participate in the discussion on

What tools are on your ‘Must Install’ list”

Links to tools:


SIP Softphones:

Network Tracing:

Audio/Video Tools:

File Compression/Decompression tools:


Connectivity Tools:

  • Putty                     
  • WinSCP                

If you have a question or want to see the use of one of these tools covered please comment or contact via comments or the social media sources below:




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