"A picture is worth a thousand words.

An interface is worth a thousand pictures."

          -Ben Shneiderman

The agenda for today?  We are going to take a whirlwind tour of the PowerMedia XMS Web Administration pages.  

I will touch briefly on all the important configuration pages and try and explain their usage and functionality. 

Youtube Link - http://youtu.be/pkcum14tsmc

If you are interested in any particular page, you can use the links below to jump directly to that section:

For your reference, here is a screen capture of the WebAdmin landing page:

For more information on the WebAdmin configuration, you can reference the install and configuration document at this link.

To participate in the discussion on "XMS Server Administration: Should it be done in the WebAdmin or the Shell?"  or to request additional deeper dive into any of these configuration options please use the comments or the social media sources below.