"Experience shows that the success of a programming course

critically depends on the choice of examples"

-Niklaus Wirth

Welcome back Travelers!   I hope that you are all well RESTed after our brief respite. Today we will resume our Journey with our first look at some Java code.

In this video we will continue working on our Reference Design Project by reviewing the selection and use of a Java HTTP Library.  We will perform a code review of a simple REST application that was developed using the Java Apache HTTP Library.  We will introduce the main classes of the HTTP library and show how they are used to develop this simple "Hello World" type application for the XMS REST interface. 

Note: It is recommended to view in HD+fullscreen to make code more readable

YouTube Link: http://youtu.be/9h0QTJZblSc

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I invite you to comment below with your thoughts on "Which HTTP Library for Java do you prefer and why?”