I spent much of last week in London participating as a mentor at a great event called TADHack. If you have not heard of TADHack then I suggest you check out Alan Quayle's "Why TADHack Matters" blog - the concept goes far beyond your typical hackathon by focusing on the experience and the networking through a collaborative atmosphere (although everyone still wants to win the cash prizes!).  You can see my full interview with James Body here

This TADHack-London event was called a "mini" as it is a lead into the much larger TADHack Global event but I would hardly call it mini - the final count had over 70 people take part (both onsite and remote) generating 18 cool and innovative hacks. I'm of course partial to the two great hacks submitted on the Dialogic PowerMedia XMS platform.

The Dialogic winner was "Collaborate and Educate" by the Media Interactive team who demonstrated their MiTv eLearning video management application built on PowerMedia XMS. The application uses such features as video conferencing for WebRTC and SIP clients, centralized recording with immediate playback, screen-share, blackboard capabilities, and much more. Media Interactive was chosen because of their display of incorporating server side processing into a WebRTC platform that pushed the beyond the typical peer-to-peer functionality. 

Honorable mention went to Andrey Zakharchenko's "WebRTC Computer Vision" hack where he built  a mash-up using Dialogic  PowerMedia XMS, Oracle Communication WebRTC Session Controller and OpenCV for facial recognition. His hack would detect when a conference attendee was distracted (or falling asleep as he demonstrated) and alert both the conference moderator and the attendee. Great stuff!  

As previously mentioned, the TADHack-mini London is a lead-in event  to the much bigger TADHack Global which will take place June 13-14 with locations around the world including Lisbon, Chicago, Raleigh, London, Madrid, New Delhi, Sri Lanka, Israel, Istanbul, Bangladesh, Indonesia and Australia. Dialogic will be hosting the London location and I will again be there mentoring both onsite and remote hackers - we look forward to giving more money to developers building great hacks on our PowerMedia XMS platform. If you want to get involved then be sure to register for the event

I hope to see you there!