Dialogic Diva Software Development Kit - Version 5.5WIN SU4 and 5.5LIN SU4



The Dialogic® Diva® Software Development Kit (Diva SDK) offers a powerful set of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) that can be used for implementing telephony applications, that is, applications that accept and process phone calls. The Diva SDK provides flexible tools for developers who choose to handle calls arriving via traditional telephony (PRI/E1/T1, BRI, and analog).

The Diva SDK is designed to work with the Dialogic® Diva® product family, which offers a full range of hardware products including T1/E1, ISDN-PRI, ISDN-BRI, and Analog.

Key Features

High-level APIs

Permit access to low-level features in case non-standard signaling is required

Choice of three APIs

one application and immediately have access to analog and digital telephony calls, all with the same executable file

Speech engine compatibility

Diva-based solution can interface a number of commercial speech engine products

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