Dialogic® Diva® softIP Download

To use Diva softIP you require a valid software license. Such software licenses are commercially available with Dialogic. Please check with your local sales representative.


To download and activate Diva softIP, the steps are as follows:

  1. Download and install the Diva System Release for Windows from http://www.dialogic.com/products/tdm_boards/system_release_software/Diva_for_Windows_2000.htm or the Diva System Release for Linux from http://www.dialogic.com/products/tdm_boards/system_release_software/Diva_for_Linux.htm . NOTE: Diva softIP is part of the Diva System Release.
  2. In the Diva softIP configurator, go to Tools/License Manager and copy the DUID to the clipboard. The DUID is a unique id that represents your server machine for licensing purposes.
  3. Now visit the activate page and enter the PPC for your license and the DUID when prompted.
  4. You will receive a server-unique activation code via email, which has to be entered in the License Manager (with Add License).
  5. Configure softIP with your addressing system, SIP Registrar, etc.
  6. Start using Diva softIP.

For applications using the Dialogic® Diva® SDK it is recommended that you download the latest version. The Diva SDK comes with a wealth of samples that can be used for testing all the features of Diva softIP.

Diva softIP supports 32-bit and 64-bit versions. Diva softIP can be activated on one system. Migrating an activated softIP licenses to another system is not possible. In this case, please contact support.