CAPI Support Page for Dialogic Diva Media Boards

This is the landing page for Dialogic Diva customers that are specifically interested in the Common ISDN Interface (CAPI 2.0)

The Dialogic Diva product family offers the CAPI interface for application developers. The CAPI interface has been extended (standards compliant) in order to allow the use of specific features that are implemented on the Diva Media Boards. In addition to offering the CAPI interface for application development, the Diva SDK as well as other Diva APIs are using the CAPI interface as an internal interface. This shows the importance of CAPI for the Diva Platform. The Diva SDK offers several high level APIs which can help to speed up development projects.
The Diva System Release Software contains software, libraries, documentation on CAPI and on the extended CAPI. This documentation allows to access the rich feature set of the Diva Media Boards.

One of the major design goals when developing the Diva product line has been the ease of use for the customer. This has lead to a modular design where new modules can be used via the original APIs. To give an example: When implementing the Diva boards for Analog phone lines, we use the CAPI interface to communicate with the Analog board. The result is that any existing CAPI application can be used with Analog lines without or with very few modifications. The same approach was taken when we implemented the VoIP and FoIP protocols for Diva. The product Diva softIP (a "virtual" IP media board) uses the CAPI interface. This allows to use an existing CAPI application to manage voice and fax calls via the IP protocol (SIP/RTP, SIP/sRTP).

The Diva Media Board product line is composed of a number of hardware and software products. This includes:

  • ISDN BRI boards (active and passive) for 1 and 4 ports
  • Analog boards (active) for 2, 4 and 8 ports
  • ISDN PRI boards (active and passive) from 1 to 8 PRI connections (including E1/T1/J1 support)
  • Diva softIP, the virtual IP Board software up to 240 (and more) channels
  • Diva SDK (development toolkit based on the CAPI standard)
  • Diva softSS7 (SS7 protocol support for existing CAPI applications)

Please follow this link to see a complete list of Diva Media Boards