Dialogic HMP Interface Boards (DNI Boards)

DNI Half PCIe Board


The Dialogic® HMP Interface Boards (DNI Boards) that are available in half-length, standard-height PCI Express format provide a native PSTN interface to Dialogic® PowerMediaTM Host Media Processing (HMP) Software. These half-size DNI Boards can be used in place of full-size PCI Express format DNI Boards of equivalent density in applications using PowerMedia HMP without programming changes.  DNI boards are compatible with the Dialogic® DSI SS7 Protocol Stacks, allowing combining HMP media on the host, with SS7 signaling on board.

DNI Boards enable efficient VoIP gateway functionality to be built into PowerMedia HMP telephony applications. They also break the traditional DSP-based media span paradigm by providing a digital network interface ready for use with virtually any configuration of host-based media resources, which complement the base gateway capability.

Key Features

Interface to PowerMedia HMP

Allows host-based video, voice, speech, conference, fax, and IP transcoding to be accessible from the PSTN interface; can be configured in a wide range of densities, scalable in individual port increments

Eight, four, two or one digital network interface(s)

Provides four different densities to support a cost-effective range of solutions

Software-selectable trunks configure DNI Boards for either T1 or E1

Reduces the total cost of ownership by increasing flexibility, reducing inventory, and simplifying the purchasing process and test effort

Half length, standard height PCI Express form factor

Permits the use of lower-cost rack-mount servers designed for small footprint peripherals

Support for a wide range of PSTN protocols including ISDN and CAS signaling

Allows a choice of PSTN protocols. Allows combined HMP media and signaling, including SS7 in conjunction with the Dialogic® DSI SS7 Protocol Stack

Dialogic® Global Call Software

Provides a consistent programming interface for call control utilized by boards with Dialogic® DM3 architecture and by PowerMedia HMP 

Host streaming interface

Enables a low-latency, 256-duplex channel interface to host-based media and IP networks

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Quad T1/E1 with G.168 echo cancellation, PCIe Half Length, Standard Height



Octal T1/E1 with G.168 echo cancellation, PCIe Half Length, Standard Height



Dual T1/E1 with G.168 echo cancellation, PCIe Half Length, Standard Height



Single T1/E1 with G.168 echo cancellation, PCIe Half Length, Standard Height

SyncRoute Bus 8 drop cable


Extended SyncRoute Bus 4 Drop Cable


SyncRoute Bus 4 drop cable and transition board to connect to H.100 bus