Eiconcard Connections for Linux

Eiconcard Connections for LIN


Eiconcard Connections for Linux is a set of drivers for connecting Linux Servers to Wide Area Networks using Dialogic' intelligent multiprotocol communication adapters. Similarly, Eiconcard Connections for Linux is a communications and utilities software designed to use with our Eiconcards. Corporations are increasingly adopting Linux-based servers for their Internet connectivity and remote access needs. Dialogic is prepared to meet the exploding demand for Linux-based networking solutions by introducing products such as Eiconcard Connections for Linux. Eiconcard Connections for Linux with an S-Series card provide the ideal functionality necessary for the thin server / network appliance market.

Combine Connections for Linux with the Eiconcard Development Suite and you have a powerful programing interface through a world leading API. Click here for more details.

The Eiconcard Connections for Linux is an evolutionary version that supports the latest versions of Red Hat, Centos and SUSE Enterprise Linux.

The supported host 32/64 bit Operating Systems (UP and SMP) are:

  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server
  • Red Hat and Centos Enterprise Linux

Key Features

Support for all current Eiconcards: C91 V2, C91 PCIe LP, S91 V2, S94 V2 and S94 PCIe

Support for previous generation Eiconcards

World Class protocol interoperability

Support for virtualization (XEN)

Support for IP Routing over X.25, Frame Relay and PPP

Static and dynamic IP address assignment

ISDN backup capabilities with the Eiconcard S91 and C91 Series

Support for TTY over X.25 using Host PAD and Terminal PAD features

Support for command line (scriptable) configuration and monitoring

Support for custom application development using X.25 sockets

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