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AI, Bots, and Machine Learning - A Team for Future Communication Success
Artificial Intelligence, bots, and machine learning is starting to touch our daily lives. How will these technologies affect our lives next?

Does Your Company’s IVR Voice Impact How You Are Perceived by Customers?
There’s a large body of work on the impact that a IVR system's gender, language, and accent have in making an impression on a consumer.

Voice Hacking - No Victim Is Too Small
PBX is not being given the same importance as the company’s firewall or router as a defense point of the enterprise network - but it should.

Consumers’ Evolving Communications Use Will Drive Enterprises To Change Their Customer Interaction Strategies
Consumers are increasingly comfortable using multiple communications capabilities that chat apps provide, which places pressure on enterprises to enable these capabilities.

The Intersection of Real-time Voice and AI - Can Service Providers Turn Dumb Pipes Into Differentiated Services?
Why have service providers been lagging behind in innovation and new service adoption when they have ready access to millions of users?

Audience Participation Made Easier with WebRTC
With the mobile device in the hands of the audience, it is increasingly harder to keep audience engaged in public forums. Now there's an app to fix that.


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