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Adfortel products generate revenue during the unutilised call waiting time by replacing it with ads, music and other premium content. As a result from market pressure, operators are introducing adfunded services and thereby create a new source of income for operators. Yets many of today's forms of mobile advertising, such as text messaging, mobile internet or mobile TV, are limited in reach. Adfortel provides a way to beat these challenges by utilizing the primary mobile usage - voice calls. Adfortel's business model is to work with the Operator and build the consumer offer based on the demands of local markets and effectively mediate the channel media and content sales in a shared revenue model. To implement either VoiceAds, TuneAds or both, a connection to the Operator's network is required. While Media Content and generated Playlists are managed in their UK Data Center, the parsing, playing and link to the mobile network connection is done with the network itself.
VoiceAds and TuneAds mobile premium content
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