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Altar offers a wide range of solutions dedicated to support all aspects of a professional customer care system suited to you specific needs. These solutions include:

- Contact Center/Multichannel Communications

- Business Process Management/Document Management System

- Billing/Collections

- IT Support/Helpdesk


Altar solutions are recommended for all companies that are looking for a modern, intelligent systems, which are an efficient support to many business processes related to contacts with customers and reducing costs and improving efficiency of customers services by automating the process. Altar offers for its customers: pre-implementation analysis, project management, development, implementation, integration with other systems, training, service & maintenance. 

The prime product at Altar is Altar Contact Center - A modern communication platform that provides professional support to customers via multiple communication channels.
- Other call/contact center products include Virtual Contact Center, Altar IVR /Altar Smart IVR, Altar PDS, and Altar Co-Surfing.


Other Altar product lines include:

• Billing/Collections: system billingowy Sara® | Altar Windykacja (debt collection) | Telsin Plus

• Business Process Management: Altar DocFlow | Altar HelpDesk | Piramid WorkFlow

Solution Focus:
Signaling, Application Development

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