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LumenVox is a provider of core speech technology.  Our products include the LumenVox Speech Recognizer, Text-to-Speech Engine, Call Progress Analysis, and Speech Tuner.  We have won numerous awards for innovation and technical excellence.  Based on industry standards, LumenVox’s core Speech Software is certified as one of the most,  accurate, natural sounding, and reliable solutions in the industry.  The LumenVox technology provides tools for you to effectively connect and communicate with your users, increase user satisfaction, and improve employee productivity.

At LumenVox, each client is considered a true partner.  We are known for outstanding customer service (Net Promoter Score of 85%) and are here to support you in understanding, navigating, and assessing each phase of your project to make the process as easy as possible.  We’re there for you with robust joint sales, marketing, education, training and customer support teams and programs after you’ve deployed your speech solution.   

LumenVox is a speech automation technology company that provides carrier grade telephony speech products. LumenVox core products include the Speech Recognizer (ASR), Text-to-Speech Server (TTS), Call Progress Analysis (CPA, which incorporates Answering Machine Detection), Speech Tuner, and Statistical Language Model (SLM) support.

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