Mobile customers have high expectations for easy, unfettered access to services wherever they are, so it’s important for service providers to enable seamless roaming across diverse network technologies. 

The Dialogic® Helix™ Signaling Controller (HSC) enables mobile, Wi-Fi and IPX operators to rapidly and securely provide seamless roaming for their customers even when there is a need to convert between legacy and next generation signaling protocols such as MAP/SS7, RADIUS, and Diameter. 

Diameter Edge Agent Security Between Roaming Partners

Security concerns are paramount for Communications Service Providers (CSPs) when it comes to assuring user experience and protecting network assets.  HSC supports Diameter Edge Agent (DEA) functionality specified in GSMA IR.88 Roaming Guidelines with features like:

  • Load balancing
  • Congestion and admission control
  • Topology Hiding
  • Dynamic routing and proxy capabilities
  • Granular AVP level mediation

CSPs can deploy the Helix at the network edge to process outbound and inbound roaming traffic.  IPX operators can enhance their array of connectivity offerings by deploying HSC to enable Diameter routing and security along with the ability to interwork Diameter and MAP protocols for 3G to 4G roaming.

3G-4G Roaming

While the number of 4G production networks are growing, there is a sizable number of 3G networks that still rely on the MAP protocol. HSC, through its advanced GUI and service orchestration capabilities, enables point-and-click implementation of roaming scenarios to enable 3G subscribers to roam in networks that have been upgraded to Diameter.

  • Automated implementation of 3GPP TS 29.305 roaming scenarios
  • Interworking security vectors between 3G and 4G networks
  • Diameter and SS7/MAP interworking
  • Extensive traffic reporting based on configurable event detail records

The Dialogic® Helix™ Signaling Controller automatically handles the different Diameter to MAP conversion scenarios including security vector interworking for 3G to 4G roaming.

    Wi-Fi Offload Roaming Strategies

    Wi-Fi roaming is an important component to mobile data offload strategies that can help pure play wireless operators as well as mobile operators cost effectively increase footprint and provide users a seamless and improved quality of experience. Outsourced Wi-Fi roaming for wireless and mobile based Wi-Fi hotspot providers is also a logical extension to the array services an IPX operator can provide. HSC provides a service innovation platform that is well suited to take on the interworking and mediation challenges that mobile, Wi-Fi and IPX operators have in implementing their roaming and mobile data offload strategies.  It gives operators more control with:

    • Support for WRIX (Wireless Roaming Intermediary eXchange), IR.61 and 3GPP WLAN interworking
    • RADIUS/Diameter/MAP/SS7 gateway and routing functionality
    • EAP-based authentication server support
    • Mediation of RADIUS Access and Accounting messages to correct inconsistencies between operators
    • Event data records to support user data record processing


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