Even in the presence of extensive standards, Communications Service Providers (CSPs) are likely to run into network incompatibility issues when delivering end-to-end services across multiple networks. CSPs are experiencing such problems even between vendor platforms communicating on the same Diameter interface. The Dialogic® Helix™ Signaling Controller (HSC) puts the control back in the hands of the service provider enabling it to easily fix incompatibility issues between vendor platforms without the need for costly and time consuming development work.

With multiple networks deploying a diverse collection of network infrastructure, incompatibility issues are likely to arise. HSC not only provides  security and routing, but also mediation and interworking on multiple protocols in use today by 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi networks. Some examples where Diameter protocol mediation would be needed are the following:

  • Support for proprietary Diameter interface AVPs 
  • Converting a grouped Diameter AVP nested field to a top level AVP to prevent far end processing problems
  • Mediation between WRIX-i and IR.61 RADIUS Access and Accounting message fields
  • Mediation between RADIUS messages for Wi-Fi roaming between the Home Service Provider and Visited Network Provider


The Dialogic® Helix™ Signaling Controller allows you to mediate message flows and rapidly fix interoperability problems with Diameter and RADIUS based services.  A conversion module in the HSC allows access to all fields in the incoming message and the ability to apply operators like move, increment and copy for placement in any of the fields of the outgoing message. 

In this example, a nested AVP in the incoming Credit Control Request initial (CCR-I) message from the GGSN on the Gy Diameter interface was not recognized by the OCS.  The service provider was able to quickly fix the problem without having to wait on their infrastructure vendors to take action.

    Mediation and interworking can be performed through HSC's Web 2.0 GUI allowing selection of the attributes within the flows you want to modify. The HSC gives unrestricted access to the payload of any inbound message, whatever the termination protocol used. Converting message flows is easily performed on individual input and output fields using operations such as move, discard, copy, increment, decrement store, divide and add providing unmatched flexibility when it comes to mediation and enhancement. 

    CSP benefits include:
    • Faster time to market by easily fixing vendor incompatibility issues on your time frame, not your equipment vendors'
    • Lower operational costs by not having to pay for expensive and lengthy development work
    • Flexibility in deploying best of breed platforms and avoiding vendor lock-in
    • Extend roaming with more operators that were previously out reach due to incompatibility issues







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