Wi-Fi operators want to provide a seamless user experience for their customers across a broader number of hotspots and extend coverage to customers of other wireless operators to better monetize their investment. Interoperability and interworking issues between networks, vendor equipment and interface specifications are presenting challenges that can hold service providers back from the potential of providing a ubiquitous and seamless user experience.

The Dialogic® Helix™ Signaling Controller (HSC) can help operators tackle interoperability challenges head on by providing routing, security and interworking of RADIUS, Diameter, and MAP/SS7 authentication, authorization and accounting messages to enable seamless roaming across Wi-Fi and mobile networks.

Interworking RADIUS

Authentication and authorization of roaming subscribers is performed through the exchange of RADIUS messages between the visited network provider and home service provider. HSC provides the interworking functionality to support WRIX-i and GSMA IR.61 roaming specifications, along with support for 3GPP RADIUS and Diameter interfaces. HSC provides the following capabilities to enable service providers to gain control in how they establish Wi-Fi roaming:

  • RADIUS, Diameter and MAP mediation and interworking
  • EAP-based authentication server functionality
  • RFC 2865 RADIUS proxy capabilities
  • Realm based routing of RADIUS messages

The Dialogic® Helix™ Signaling Controller provides RADIUS mediation and routing to support Wi-Fi roaming.

    Centralized Routing and Interworking for 3GPP Operators

    HSC provides a single, manageable platform for routing and interworking to address the incompatibility challenges mobile Communications Service Providers (CSPs) face when trying to implement a seamless Wi-Fi roaming strategy.  CSPs can use the Any-to-Any service orchestration capabilities of the Helix to enable:

    • Interworking Wi-Fi interfaces based on WRIX-i  and IR.61 with 3GPP based networks utilizing Diameter or RADIUS
    • Rapidly interwork RADIUS based authentication and authorization (RFC 2865) and accounting (RFC 2866) messages with the corresponding Diameter based services  
    • Elimination of stand-alone Diameter, RADIUS or SS7 gateways between the AAA proxy/server and an HSS or HLR
    • EAP-based authentication of roaming subscribers
    • Supporting HTTP based connections to third party EAP-based AAA servers
    • Extensive traffic reporting based on configurable event detail records

    The HSC service orchestration framework leverages a template driven approach making interworking intuitive and straightforward.  Accommodating interface variations and proprietary fields is made easier thereby reducing the need for costly and time consuming development work.  The extensive interworking capabilities of HSC helps CSPs protect existing infrastructure investment by extending the life of platforms that would otherwise have to be upgraded or replaced to support the newer protocols and interfaces.

    The Dialogic® Helix™ Signaling Controller provides a common platform for interworking between Wi-Fi operators using either RADIUS or Diameter.  Multiprotocol interworking eliminates the need for stand-alone gateways.


    Enhancing Policy and Charging

    HSC can interwork RADIUS messages with the Diameter Credit Control Application (RFC 4006) to enable interoperability between Wi-Fi infrastructure and Online Charging Platforms by converting the RADIUS messages to the corresponding Diameter messages per the Gy or Wo reference specifications. 

    HSC can also enhance the message flows by:

    • Inspecting the message contents of the incoming flows
    • Evaluating conditional statements against other events or static values
    • Initiating an LDAP look-up to an external database to correlate various informational elements such as username with subscriber MSISDN (Mobile Subscriber Integrated Services Digital Network-Number)






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